Report on the situation in Romania by the delegation of the Communist Party of Romania at the Inter-Balkan meeting of Communist parties members of ICOR in Sofia. Raport despre situatia din Romania al delegatiei Partidului Comunist din Romania la intalnirea inter-balcanica a partidelor comuniste membre ale ICOR din Sofia.



Here in Romania we have a huge problem with Revisionism, aka Social-Democratism masquerading itself as Communism, which is perhaps worse than in many countries. The monopoly that phony Communism has on the self-declared „Communist” movement is nearly complete.

The only fake Communist party that is officially registered, meaning it can stand in elections, is the „Socialist Alliance Party”, which is also part of the so-called „European Left”. It is a party staffed with members of the pre-1989 red bourgeoisie, people who deserted en masse during the fateful days of the 1989 counter-revolution. These renegades have resurfaced after 1989 and brought with them the utterly reactionary, utterly poisonous theory of „market socialism”. Today „market-socialism” Chinese-style is the official ideology of the Socialist Alliance Party, enshrined in its official party constitution. The official role-model for this party is that King of Traitors, that devious betrayer of Chinese Socialism otherwise known as Deng Xiaoping.

The party claims a membership of 20,000, mostly old people with a red bourgeoisie background along with some ambitious young upstarts. Fortunately, notwithstanding their alleged membership they do not do well in elections. Last time, in the 2014 presidential elections, they only garnered 0.3% of votes, which is quite negligible.

Other revisionist party is the „New Romanian Communist Party”, of which I myself was a member until 2011, which also embraces „market-socialism” but which also takes a more openly pro-Russian and pro-Putin line.

Our party is the only Antirevisionist party in Romania, which embraces Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. We also uphold Enver Hoxha, except when he argues against Mao. We are a small party but we have a great potential to grow. We mainly recruit among young and working-class people and are very suspicious of people who held important positions in the former Communist party that got overthrown in 1989.

There is also a Trotskyist group, but it is not organized as a party, espousing a very opportunistic line of working inside the Socialist Alliance Party. We ourselves have a negative opinion of Trotskyism, we view it as a basically Social-Democratic trend, opposed to building Socialism, which demagogically poses as a „Left” tendency.

Our party attaches a great importance to reaching out to what constitutes the most oppressed minority not only in Romania but in all of Eastern Europe, the Roma people, the Gypsies. We regard Gypsies as the most proletarian ethnic group in Romania, based on the fact their poverty rate is 3 times higher than the national average. Gypsies officially make up only 3.2% of Romania’s population, but their real percentage is estimated to be in the league of 15% to 20%. They are also the only ethnic group in Romania that is expanding, due to them having superior birth rates.





Aici in Romania ne confruntam cu o uriasa problema a revizionismului, adica a social-democratismului camuflat in comunism, problema poate mai mare aici decat in multe alte tari. Monopolul pe care falsul comunism il are asupra miscarii declarat „comuniste” este aproape total.

Singurul din falsele partide comuniste care este inregistrat oficial, ceea ce inseamna ca poate sa participe la alegeri, este „Partidul Alianta Socialista”, care este de asemenea parte a asa-numitei „Stangi Europene”. Este un partid intesat cu membri ai vechii burghezii rosii de dinainte de 1989, oameni care au dezertat in masa in acele zile negre ale contra-revolutiei din 1989. Acesti renegati au iesit din nou la lumina dupa 1989, aducand cu ei teoria total reactionara, totalmente otravitoare a „socialismului de piata”. „Socialismul de piata” dupa model chinez este astazi ideologia oficiala a Partidului Alianta Socialista, mentionata ca atare in programul sau oficial. Idolul acestui partid este acel Rege al Tradatorilor, acel malefic tradator al socialismului chinez cunoscut sub numele de Deng Xiaoping.

Partidul pretinde ca are 20 000 de membri, majoritatea oameni in varsta proveniti din burghezia rosie alaturi de unii ambitiosi „lupi tineri”. Din fericire, in ciuda celor 20 000 de membri ce pretinde ca-i are, partidul nu se descurca bine la alegeri. Ultima oara, cu prilejul alegerilor prezidentiale din 2014, PAS a obtinut doar 0,3% din voturi, ceea ce e destul de neglijabil.

Un alt partid revizionist este „Noul Partid Comunist Roman”, din care am facut si eu parte pana in 2011, care de asemenea imbratiseaza „socialismul de piata”, dar care are de asemenea o mai fatisa atitudine pro-rusa si pro-Putin.

Partidul nostru este singurul partid anti-revizionist din Romania, imbratisand marxism-leninism-maoismul. Il urmam si pe Enver Hodja, afara de cazurile in care se contrazice cu Mao. Suntem un partid mic dar cu un mare potential de crestere. Recrutam cu precadere membri din randul clasei muncitoare si tinerilor si avem o mare neincredere in oamenii care au avut pozitii importante in vechiul partid comunist rasturnat in 1989.

Exista de asemenea si un grup trotkist, dar el nu este organizat ca partid, avand o politica foarte oportunista de a activa in interiorul Partidului Alianta Socialista. Pozitia noastra fata de trotkism este negativa, il consideram un curent in esenta social-democrat, care se opune constructiei socialismului, pozand in mod demagogic in curent „de stanga”

Partidul nostru acorda o mare importanta deschiderii fata de ceea ce reprezinta cea mai asuprita minoritate nu doar din Romania ci si din toata Europa de Est, etnia roma, tiganii. Consideram tiganii drept cel mai proletar etnic grup din Romania, in baza faptului ca rata saraciei printre ei este de 3 ori mai mare decat media nationala. Tiganii reprezinta oficial 3,2% din populatia Romaniei, dar adevarata lor pondere este estimata a fi la nivel de 15% pana la 20%. Ei sunt de asemenea singura etnie din Romania aflata in crestere, datorita ratei lor superioare a natalitatii.


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