Closing speech at the Inter-Balkan meeting of Communist parties members of ICOR in Sofia, 21 March 2015. Cuvantare de incheiere la intalnirea inter-balcanica a partidelor comuniste membre ale ICOR din Sofia, 21 martie 2015.



We live today in very difficult times. The entire Humanity is on the brink of catastrophe, environmental and nuclear catastrophe to be more precise. It is Capitalism that brought us here therefore the only way we can save the Planet and save ourselves is by doing away with Capitalism and Imperialism.

The only force in the world that can do that is Communism, Marxism, Marxism in its Marxist-Leninist-Maoist form to be more precise. Unfortunately, Communism is on the decline today, due to decades of betrayal at the hands of Revisionism. The only way we can revive it is through a perfect mastery of the Marxist ideology. Today, mastering Marxism comes first. We have to study Marxism and to apply it on as many fronts as possible. Communists can only succeed by opening as many ideological fronts as possible, by fighting on as many ideological fronts as possible because only the powerful can afford to be generous, when one is weak he or she can never afford to be generous with an ideological enemy.

Unfortunately some of the comrades who have spoken here have shown that they do not master the Marxist ideology and resort to tactics that are thoroughly unworthy of a Marxist. They forget that when making fun of someone you have to bring forth powerful arguments in support of this. Take the claim that Russia is „being attacked” for example. Permit me to remind that back 97 years ago, in 1918, Lenin said, in „The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky” that, during times of imperialist war, which can be a war between an imperialist power and a non-imperialist power or between an imperialist power and another imperialist power, the question we should ask is not who started it but WHICH CLASS is waging the war and if the war is being waged by the imperialist bourgeoisie then that war becomes unjust regardless of „who started it”. Asking ourselves „who started it” in times of imperialist war carries grave risks, we even run the risk of going back to the Stone Age. To give just another example, back in 1914 a lot of people in France were saying that France was „just defending itself” against the Germans because German troops were in France, but Lenin and the Bolsheviks correctly proved that the war between France and Germany was an imperialist war on both sides, one which was equally DESIRED by the bourgeoisie of both sides. And so it is with the conflict between Russia and the West today.

But staying true to Marxism also means understanding one important changing context. One of the things that obviously are and have been changing is the fact all over the world the role of the so-called „coloured proletariat” is GROWING steadily. All over the world, not just in Western Europe and North America but in Eastern Europe as well, we see the same thing, that the White proletariat is shrinking while the „Coloured” proletariat is growing. Therefore the importance of combatting White Nationalism must also increase. Both White racism and reversed racism are evil, we make no concession to reverse racism whatsoever, but fighting White racism is even more important than before because these are the demographic realities and we can’t close our eyes to reality.

In the field of party-building we stay true to the Leninist concept of the vanguard party as a MONOLITH party which doesn’t tolerate factions within it. We believe no re-assesment of this basic and succesful concept of Leninism is needed whatosoever.

It is a good thing that, despite the differences on Russia we have with some participants at this meeting, we are united by a common hatred of the so-called „Market Socialism”!


Long live the glorious flag of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong!

Study Marxism, study it, study it, study it! Apply Maxism in practice because Marxism is meant to be applied, not kept to ourselves!



Traim astazi in timpuri foarte dificile. Intreaga Omenire este pe marginea prapastiei, amenintata mai precis de catastrofa ecologica si nucleara. Capitalismul este cel care ne-a adus aici, de aceea unica modalitate de a salva planeta si pe noi insine este eliminarea capitalismului si imperialismului.

Singura forta din lume care poate face acest lucru este comunismul, marxismul, mai precis marxismul in forma sa marxist-leninist-maoista. Din pacate comunismul este azi in declin, ca urmare a deceniilor de tradari la care l-au supus revizionistii. Singura modalitate de a revigora comunismul este printr-o desavarsita stapanire a ideologiei marxiste. Insusirea temeinica a marxismului este astazi pe primul plan. Trebuie sa studiem marxismul si sa il aplicam in cat mai multe domenii. Comunistii pot invinge numai deschizand cat mai multe fronturi ideologice, luptand pe cat mai multe fronturi ideologice e posibil deoarece numai cei puternici isi pot permite sa fie generosi, pe cand cei slabi nu isi pot permite niciodata sa fie generosi cu un inamic ideologic.

Din pacate, unii din tovarasii care au vorbit aici au aratat ca nu stapanesc ideologia marxista si ca recurg la tactici care nu sunt demne de un marxist. Ei au uitat ca atunci cand faci haz pe seama cuiva trebuie sa aduci argumente puternice in sprijinul pozitiei tale. Sa luam de pilda afirmatia ca „Rusia este atacata”. Permiteti-mi sa amintesc ca, acum 97 de ani, in 1918, Lenin afirma in „Revolutia proletara si renegatul Kautsky” ca, in timp de razboi imperialist, care poate fi un razboi intre o putere imperialista si una ne-imperialista sau intre o putere imperialista si o alta putere imperialista, intrebarea pe care trebuie sa ne-o punem nu este cine a inceput ci CARE CLASA duce razboiul iar daca razboiul este dus de burghezia imperialista atunci el devine nedrept indiferent de „cine a inceput primul”. Intrebarea „cine a inceput” pe timp de razboi imperialist comporta riscuri mari, riscam chiar sa ne intoarcem inapoi la epoca de piatra. Ca sa mai dau doar un exemplu, in 1914 multi oameni din Franta afirmau ca Franta „doar se apara de germani” pentru ca trupele germane erau in Franta, dar Lenin si bolsevicii au aratat ca razboiul dintre Franta si Germania era unul imperialist de ambele parti si DORIT in mod egal de burghezia ambelor parti. La fel stau lucrurile si cu conflictul actual dintre Rusia si Occident.

Dar a ramane fideli marxismului inseamna totdata si a intelege ca un context important s-a schimbat. Unul din lucrurile care, in mod evident, s-a schimbat si se schimba este faptul ca in toata lumea rolul asa-numitului „proletariat de culoare” CRESTE constant. In toata lumea, nu numai in Europa de Vest si in America de Nord dar si in Europa de Est, vedem acelasi lucru, ca proletariatul alb se micsoreaza iar cel „de culoare” creste. Prin urmare si importanta luptei cu nationalismul alb trebuie sa creasca. Rasismul alb si rasismul invers sunt amandoua rele, noi nu facem nici un fel de concesie rasismului invers, insa lupta cu rasismul alb este inca si mai importanta decat inainte deoarece acestea sunt realitatile demografice si noi nu putem sa inchidem ochii in fata realitatii.

In ce priveste constructia de partid ramanem fideli conceptului leninist de partid de avangarda ca partid MONOLIT ce nu tolereaza factiuni in interiorul sau. Noi credem ca nu e necesara nici un fel de revizuire a acestui principiu de baza si de succes al leninismului.

Este un lucru bun faptul ca, in ciuda divergentelor in legatura cu Rusia pe care le avem cu unii dintre participantii la conferinta, suntem totusi uniti de ura fata de asa-numitul „socialism de piata”!


Traiasca gloriosul steag al lui Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin si Mao Zedong!

Sa studiem marxismul, sa-l studiem, sa-l studiem, sa-l studiem! Sa aplicam marxismul in practica, fiindca marxismul e menit sa fie aplicat, nu tinut doar pentru noi!


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