Long live the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany!

The Victory Day is one of the most important dates in History. It is a day of paramount importance, a cause for rejoicing for the international working class, for all Communists and progressive people around the world. 70 years ago today the Nazi beast, which had laid waste on the entire Europe for 6 years, carrying out the most horrible string of genocides in the 20th century, was finally defeated. 70 years ago today, the most horrible regime in human history was vanquished by the united forces of the peoples of the world, headed by the Soviet Union, the Bolshevik Party and Great Comrade Stalin. The victory over Nazi Germany was first and foremost the result of the titanic struggles waged by the peoples of the Soviet Union. It was the Soviet Union that bore the brunt of the war, losing up to 42 million people, of which more than half were non-combattants, civilians and POWs. The honour of defeating the Nazi beast first and foremost belongs to the Soviet Union. Resistance movements from all over Europe, headed almost everywhere by Communist parties, also played a big part in crushing Nazism. The progressive peoples of the world will never forget the sacrifices made by the Soviet Union, by the Albanian Resistance, the Yugoslav Resistance, the French, Italian and Greek Resistances, nor should they ever forget the role played by Romania which, in switching sides in August 1944, shortened the war by 6 months.

Is the struggle against Nazism still relevant today?

Unfortunately, it has to be said, as long as capitalism exists Fascism, in all its forms, will still be a problem. Fascism still exists and takes many forms. In some parts of the world it is religious fascism that is the biggest problem, while in others racial fascism, albeit in a non-Nazis form, causes unspeakable misery to millions of people. It is a grave disgrace to a nation that suffered so much at the hands of Nazism to nowadays lower itself to precisely the level of barbarity seen in Nazism but we have to face the fact: it is the state of Israel that, in ideological terms, is the closest thing to Nazi Germany today. In countries like Hungary, Estonia and Ukraine Nazi movements are sadly also on the rise. From the Anti-Gypsy Jobbik terrorists in Hungary, who also seek to restore the imperialist Greater Hungary, to the topplers of Lenin statues in Ukraine, the Svoboda Nazis, we see Nazism still alive, still spreading its racist and Anticommunist poison. Nor is the imperial Nationalism of the Putinist gang in Russia a „lesser evil”, for that matter, on the contrary, given its huge nuclear arsenal and its appetite for territorial conquest, it ought to be regarded as no less dangerous to world peace than its US counterpart.

Fascist and Nazis monsters are still alive today. They were defeated 70 years ago, first and foremost due to the efforts of COMMUNIST parties and regimes, but as long as Capitalism exists they will also continue to exist and threaten to stage a comeback. It is up to us Communists, it is up to us, who defeated Fascism and Nazism 70 years ago, to be at the forefront of the struggle against Neo-Fascism and Neo-Nazism today. We were the ones who defeated these monsters 70 years ago, we are the ones who will defeat them again and again!


Long live Antifascism!

Long live Communism, the most powerful cure against Fascist and Nazi disease ever!


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