On the question of „idolatry”. Worshipping invisible gods or loving palpable things? In jurul problemei „idolatriei”. Venerare de Dumnezei invizibili sau dragoste de lucruri palpabile?

„Thou shalt not make graven images”. „Thou shalt worship the Creator and not that which is created”. Two common religious exhortations we all too often hear from fundamentalists of all stripes, but especially Christian and Muslim ones, and which are based on verses from the Bible and the Qur’an. More, some people are to be found who take these commandments to their most extreme and grotesque heights, smashing „graven images” whenever getting their hands on them, always keen to convey their destructive deeds, through the media, to the entire world. Their name- the „Islamic State of Syria and Iraq”.

So what are we to make of these things?

Should we sit idly, should we condemn only these „extreme” things while still upholding the basic principle, or should we condemn the religious war against „idolatry” with all our force and resolve? You have to understand that extreme people are, by their nature, people who force others to take sides. Extremism is nearly always polarising, it divides people over issues and in sharp ways. Sitting idly or accusing the ISIS vandals of „being too extreme” doesn’t really help the case for those who refuse to believe. It rather can be said to be actually helping the religious extremists but definitely NOT the „unbelievers” because, in case you didn’t notice it, it’s the religious extremism that is really on the rise nowadays, while freethinking, at least in the Muslim world, appears to be on the retreat. And since I myself am an „unbeliever”, and one who is not only concerned with defending the rights of Atheists in the Christian world but also with defending them THROUGHOUT the world, I will certainly take the THIRD position, loudly and openly. I will boldly and as loud and open as possible put forth the argument that so-called „idolatry” is MOSTLY GOOD and the commandments exhorting us to „smash idols” and „worship the Creator rather than the Creation” are MOSTLY BAD, to VERY bad actually.

Of course, I am not one of those who take „idolatry” literally and worships idols. I’m certainly not a Hindu, nor do I condone Hinduism or even the ancient Greek politheism in any way. Despite my fondness of Ancient Greek sculpture and Hindu art I certainly do not find myself among idol-worshippers in the LITERAL sense of the world. My Marxist ideology bans me from worshipping idols and I intend to stay Marxist for the entire rest of my life. But I certainly am an „idolater” in the BROADER sense of the word. I am certainly one within the RELIGIOUS paradigm „Invisible Creator” versus „Palpable (and vastly inferior) Creation”. Of this there can be no doubt. I have never ever loved the Invisible Creator my Orthodox Christianity taught me to love ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE both in the school and in my family. Not a single time in my life have I ever really loved the Orthodox Christian God I was, from an early age, taught to love. Nor have I ever met large numbers of people who really do, for that matter. Of all my acquaintances I only happen to know of ONE, just one, individual, who says who shed tears out of love of God. The Orthodox Christian God, it ought to be said, is somewhat intermediary between Hindu idols and the Islamic God which is ABSOLUTELY invisible, the Orthodox God is invisible too but the Church allows us to depict it in icons whereas Islam does NOT allow ANY depiction of God and that, in Sharia-run societies, on pain of DEATH. The Islamic Allah, along with the Jewish Yahweh, can therefore be said to be even more difficult to love than the Orthodox God whose Church accounts for approximately 85% of Romania’s population (even though the real percentage is sometimes claimed to be much lower).

On the contrary, I, along with many other people I know or have heard of, are very taken to loving PALPABLE things, stuff like other people (men in a non-sexual way, women in a sexual way, though by no means do I regard the opposite behaviour as inherently bad), or people from the past (I keep in my room two large portraits of Chairman Mao and one large portrait of Stalin, along with a small bronze bust of Mao and some small calendars featuring Lenin and Stalin) or animals (I used to have a pet Black cat back in my teen years of which I was very fond), plants, or mountains or plains or hills and so on. I get a lot of pleasure and awe from watching lions and tigers, I can spend minutes watching hill-dominated sceneries in the small Buzau county when I grew up, I can spend minutes all silent and transfixed looking at, from my subjective point of view, some fine examples of architecture. All these quite palpable things.

Things like this are, of course, not banned in any Monotheistic religion or else the world would long have converted to Atheism or have stayed Polytheistic. But the thing I’ve hinted at before, loving the „Creation” ABOVE the „Creator” is definitely banned. It is, both in Christianity and Islam, a mortal sin to love birds, trees, lions, tigers, friends, girlfriends, EVEN FAMILY MEMBERS, above the invisible „Creator”. Nothing can be loved above God, not even on a par with God. But on the other hand loving palpable things above invisible ones is a NATURAL and NORMAL thing, it is part of our own Human Nature. Many times have I said, when arguing with opponents of Egalitarianism, that Human Nature is socially determined and therefore, not inherently opposed to Socialism and Communism. But things like loving palpable things, especially people made of flesh and bones have ALWAYS been part of our Human Nature and always they will. It cannot possible be different. People are living beings and, as far as our relations with our own kind are concerned, they are social creatures. With respect to the latter aspect, an important point can be made. No individual can be understood taken in itself, no individual can be understood without first looking at his friends and acquaintances, at the people who loves or who abhors. Without his or hers friends and enemies a person could not even experience personal emotions properly. Without his or hers circle of friends a person would not even be a person. It would be something vaguely resembling a Human but definitely NOT a Human. Or he could find solace in making friends with animals but that’s pretty much the farthest he or she could go before getting completely de-humanized. The „last man on Earth”, should such unspeakable tragedy as the destruction of Humanity occur, would not be a man at all, it could basically become a different species by making friends with animals but without that it would not even be a creature at all, just a moving thing, ghastly even to contemplate. That’s how it is. Loving palpable things is an ETERNAL feature of our Human Nature, it has always been like that and in all likelihood it will always be so. Loving invisible things, however, is NOT, while loving such things ABOVE palpable ones is even more UNNATURAL. There can be therefore little wonder that it was only through SHEER TERROR that the UNNATURAL commandment „Thou shalt love your Creator above his Creation” could have been enforced. It was only through burning peoples at the stake that the Catholic Church could enforce this commandment centuries ago. It is only through threatening very young schoolkids with eternal damnation that „our” Orthodox Church still manages to scare people into apparent submission in the year 2015. It is only trough hacking Atheists to death with machetes in broad daylight that Bangladeshi Islamists manage to scare people into apparent submission, it is only through live smashing of priceless historical artifacts from the „Pagan” ages that ISIS shitheads in Iraq and Syria are managing to scare people into APPARENTLY „giving up idolatry” for „idolatry”, in the sense of loving palpable things above an invisible GOD is a THING OF THE HEART, a thing of essence, it is an INTEGRAL PART OF HUMAN NATURE, and will OUTLAST any religion, including Islam itself. And things of the heart are things nobody can be able to pull from humans, not even a bunch of mad fanatics who are also the running dogs of NATO imperialism and emerging Gulf and Saudi imperialism.

So what can we do? Should we choose to live in fear, sitting idly by and counting the days of freedom we still have left? I choose to do the opposite, I choose to boldly and as loud and open as possible state that loving palpable things ABOVE THE INVISIBLE GOD, though by no means in a religious way, is NATURAL AND NORMAL, I choose to loudly and as open as possible say that people should NO LONGER BE ASHAMED of this but rather come in the open and say „yes, I do love palpable things over the invisible God, I do choose to live my life TO THE FULLEST, I do choose to draw, paint or sculpt animals, I do choose to make portraits of people and even build statues of them, I do choose to value „pagan art”, I do choose (if woman I be) to feel the Sun on my skin rather than shield myself from it and drown in my own sweat, I do choose to value THIS life, of which I am certain, ABOVE your „afterlife” that nobody has ever returned from to tell the story. I do choose to, as we say in Romania, value the sparrow I have above the paradise bird that I don’t have, especially given this „sparrow” is in fact more beautiful than all the gaudy peacocks and birds of paradise in the world combined. I do choose to do this and even TAKE PRIDE in it! I do choose to be a „Pagan” in the HEALTHY sense of the word, take pride in it and even call on others to do the same. When religious nuts make bold statements it’s time to MATCH THEM BLOW FOR BLOW. Religious nuts have long radicalized, it’s time for us the irreligious to do the same. We may even be able to TAME religion through Secularization and promotion of a selective, non-literal interpretation of the sacred texts that would eliminate everything that comes into contradiction with Science and Social Progress, provided the objective capitalist root of religion is also eliminated.


Long live love of THIS life, down with dictatorship of religion!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the best guide for living THIS life to its fullest, the best guide for striving to build Heaven in THIS world!



„Sa nu-ti faci chip cioplit”. „Sa venerezi pe Creator si nu creatura”. Iata doua porunci religioase pe care le auzim prea des din partea fundamentalistilor de toate culorile dar mai ales a celor crestini si musulmani si care sunt intemeiate pe versete din Biblie si din Coran. Mai mult, exista unii oameni care duc aceste porunci pana pe cele mai extreme si grotesti culmi, facand cioburi „chipurile cioplite” oriunde le gasesc si intotdeauna grabiti sa-si faca publice faptele in fata intregii lumi prin intermediul mass-mediei. Numele lor- „Statul Islamic din Siria si Iraq”.

Cum trebuie deci sa privim noi aceste lucruri?

Ar trebui noi sa stam nepasatori, sa condamnam doar „lucrurile extreme” ramanand insa credinciosi principiului de baza, sau sa condamnam cu toata forta si hotararea noastra razboiul pe care religia il poarta contra „idolatriei”? Trebuie sa intelegeti ca oamenii extremisti sunt prin insasi natura lor oameni care ii obliga pe ceilalti sa-si aleaga partea. Extremismul aproape intotdeauna polarizeaza oamenii, ii dezbina in ce priveste atitudinea asupra lucrurilor si inca la modul puternic. A sta nepasatori sau a condamna pe vandalii din ISIS ca sunt „prea extremisti” nu ii ajuta prea mult cauza necredinciosilor. Se poate spune chiar ca aceasta atitudine ii ajuta de fapt pe extremistii religiosi si NU pe necredinciosi pentru ca, in caz ca n-ati observati, extremismul religios e cel care azi e in crestere in timp ce gandirea libera pare, cel putin in lumea musulmana, a se afla in defensiva. Si cum sunt eu insumi un „necredinciosi”, si nu unul preocupat de apararea drepturilor ateilor doar in lumea crestina ci PESTE TOT in lume, voi adopta tare si in mod deschis a TREIA pozitie. Voi avansa cu curaj si intr-un mod cat mai deschis si vocal posibil, argumentul ca asa-numita „idolatrie” este IN GENERAL BUNA si ca poruncile ce ne cer „sa sfaramam idolii” si „sa iubim Creatia mai putin decat pe Creator” sunt IN GENERAL RELE, mergand pana la FOARTE rele de fapt.

Nu ma numar, bineinteles, pe cei care iau idolatria la propriu si venereaza idoli. Nu sunt hindus si nici nu aprob in vreun fel hinduismul sau macar politeismul grecilor antici. Sigur nu ma numar printre inchinatorii la idoli in sensul propriu al cuvantului, in ciuda pasiunii mele pentru sculptura greaca antica sau pentru arta hindusa. Marxismul imi interzice sa fiu idolatru si intentionez sa raman marxist pana la sfarsitul vietii. Sunt insa cu certitudine un „idolatru” in sensul MAI LARG al cuvantului, sunt sigur unul in cadrul paradigmei RELIGIOASE „creator invizibil” versus „creatie palpabila” (si mult inferioara). In legatura cu asta nu poate fi niciun dubiu. Niciodata in viata mea nu am iubit pe Creatorul Invizibil pe care religia mea crestin-ortodoxa m-a invatat, atat la scoala cat si in familie sa-l iubesc MAI PRESUS DE ORICE. Nici macar o data in viata mea nu l-am iubit pe Dumnezeul crestin-ortodox pe care am fost invatat, de la o varsta frageda, sa-l iubesc si nici nu am intalnit multi oameni care sa faca asta. Doar UNA din cunostintele mele mi-a spus ca a varsat lacrimi din dragoste pentru Dumnezeu. Trebuie sa spun ca Dumnezeul crestin-ortodox este oarecum intermediar intre idolii hindusi si Dumnezeul islamic care este ABSOLUT invizibil. Dumnezeul crestin-ortodox este si el invizibil dar Biserica ne permite sa-l reprezentam in icoane in timp ce Islamul NU ingaduie NICI o reprezentare a lui Dumnezeu si asta, in societatile conduse de Sharia, sub amenintarea pedepsei cu moartea. Se poate spune ca Allah din Islam, alaturi de Yahwe al evreilor, sunt Dumnezei inca si mai greu de iubit decat cel ortodox, a carui Biserica reprezinta aproximativ 85% din populatia Romaniei (desi se afirma uneori ca procentul real ar fi unul mult mai mic).

Din contra, ma pot considera, alaturi de multi oameni pe care-i cunosc sau de care am auzit, foarte inclinat sa iubesc lucruri PALABILE, gen alti oameni (barbati intr-un mod non-sexual, femei intr-un mod sexual, desi in niciun caz nu consider comportamentul opus ca fiind neaparat rau) sau oameni din trecut (am in camera mea doua portrete mari ale Presedintelui Mao si un portret mare al lui Stalin alaturi de un mic bust de bronz al lui Mao si cateva calendare mici cu Lenin si Stalin reprezentanti pe ele) sau animale (aveam in anii adolescentei o pisica neagra de care eram foarte atasat), plante sau munti sau dealuri sau campii si tot asa. Simt o mare si coplesitoare placere privind lei si tigri, pot privi minute in sir peisajele dominate de dealuri din micul oras din judetul Buzau unde mi-am petrecut copilaria, pot admira minute in sir, tacut si transfigurat, monumente, frumoase din punctul meu de vedere, de agricultura. Toate acestea, lucruri foarte palpabile.

Aceste lucruri nu sunt, bineinteles, interzise in nicio religie monoteista, altfel lumea demult s-ar fi convertit la ateism sau ar fi ramas politeista. Dar lucrul la care am facut aluzie, iubirea „Creatiei” mai mult decat pe „Creator” este in mod clar interzis. Atat in crestinism cat si in islam este un pacat capital sa iubesti pasarile, copacii, leii, tigrii, prietenii, prietenele, CHIAR SI MEMBRII FAMILIEI, mai mult decat pe „creatorul” invizibil. Nimic nu poate fi iubit mai mult decat Dumnezeu, nici macar la egalitate cu Dumnezeu. Pe de alta parte insa, dragostea de lucruri palpabile este un lucru NATURAL si NORMAL, o parte a Naturii noastre Umane. Polemizand cu opozantii egalitarismului, am afirmat de multe ori ca Natura Umana este determinata social si ca, de aceea, nu este in mod necesar impotriva socialismului si comunismului. Dar lucruri ca dragostea de lucruri palpabile, in principal de oameni in carne si oase, au fost si vor fi MEREU o parte a naturii noastre umane. Nici nu poate fi altfel. Oamenii sunt fiinte vii si, in ce priveste relatia noastra cu semenii nostri, sunt fiinte sociale. In ce priveste ultimul aspect se poate afirma un lucru important. Niciun individ nu poate fi inteles prin el insusi, nu poti sa cunosti niciun individ fara a te uita intai la prietenii si cunostintele sale, la oamenii pe care ii iubeste sau detesta. Fara prieteni si dusmani nici macar emotii personale ca lumea nu poti sa ai. Fara cercul sau de prieteni o persoana nici nu ar mai fi persoana. Ar fi ceva ce ar seamana vag cu un om dar in mod cert NU un om. Sau el sau ea ar putea gasi mangaiere in prietenia cu animalele, dar mai departe de atat nu ar prea putea merge fara a ajunge la dezumanizare completa. Daca tragedia atat de cumplita a distrugerii Omenirii ar avea dreptate, atunci „ultimul om de pe Pamant” nu ar mai fi om deloc, el sau ea ar putea in general deveni o noua specie prin imprietenirea cu animalele, dar fara asta nu ar mai fi nici macar fiinta, doar un lucru miscator a carui simpla priveliste ar fi groaznica. Asa stau lucrurile. Dragostea de lucruri palpabile este o TRASATURA ETERNA a Naturii noastre Umane, intotdeauna a fost si cel mai probabil intotdeauna va fi. Dragostea de lucruri invizibile insa NU este, iar a iubi asemenea lucruri mai mult ca pe cele palpabile e inca si mai NE-NATURAL. Nu-i deci de mirare ca doar PRIN TEROARE CRUNTA s-a putut impune porunca NE-NATURALA „sa iubesti Creatia mai putin decat pe Creator”. Biserica Catolica, cu secole in urma, a reusit asta numai prin arderea pe rug. Biserica „noastra” ortodoxa reuseste numai prin amenintarea copiilor mici cu chinurile iadului sa faca oamenii ca, de frica, sa arate o supunere formala. Islamistii din Bangladesh reusesc numai prin taierea ateilor cu macete ziua in amiaza mare sa faca populatia ca, de frica, sa arate o supunere formala iar rahatii ISIS din Iraq si Siria reusesc numai prin sfaramarea live in bucati a nepretuitelor monumente istorice „pagane” sa sperie oamenii pentru ca APARENT ei sa „renunte la idolatrie”, pentru ca idolatria, in sensul de a iubi lucrurile palpabile mai mult decat pe Dumnezeul invizibil, este un lucru ce TINE DE INIMA OMULUI, e un lucru esential, o PARTE INTEGRANTA A NATURII UMANE care va exista si DUPA disparitia oricarei religii, inclusiv a celei islamice. Iar ce tine de inima omului nimeni nu poate sa scoata din ea, nici chiar o adunatura de fanatici dezaxati care sunt in realitate agenti ai imperialismului NATO si ai incpientului imperialism saudit sau din Golf.

Ce putem, deci, face? Sa preferam sa traim cu frica, stand nepasatori si numarand zilele de libertate care ne-au mai ramas? Eu aleg sa fac exact invers, aleg ca, in mod curajos si cat mai vocal si fatis posibil, sa afirm ca a iubi lucrurile palpabile MAI MULT DECAT PE DUMNEZEUL INVIZIBIL, desi nicidecum intr-un mod religios, este NORMAL SI NATURAL, aleg sa spun tare si cat mai pe fata ca oamenii NU TREBUIE SA SE MAI RUSINEZE DE ASTA ci sa iasa in fata zicand „da, iubesc lucrurile palpabile mai mult decat pe Dumnezeul invizibil, da, aleg sa-mi traiesc viata LA MAXIMUM, aleg sa desenez animale, sa le pictez sau sa le sculptez, aleg sa fac oamenilor portrete si chiar sa le fac statui, aleg sa pretuiesc „arta pagana”, aleg (daca femeie sunt) sa simt razele Soarelui pe piele in loc sa ma ascund de ele si sa ma inec in propria-mi transpiratie, aleg sa pretuiesc viata ACEASTA, de care sunt sigur, MAI MULT decat „viata” voastra de dupa moarte, din care nu s-a intors nimeni sa ne povesteasca ce-i cu ea. Aleg, cum spunem noi in Romania, vrabia din mana in fata pasarii paradisului de pe gard, mai ales ca aceasta „vrabie” e de fapt mai frumoasa decat toti falnicii pauni si toate pasarile paradismului la un loc. Aleg sa fac asta si chiar MA MANDRESC cu ce fac! Aleg sa fiu „pagan” in sensul SANATOS al cuvantului, sa ma mandresc cu asta si chiar sa chem pe altii sa faca la fel. Cand dementii religiosi fac declaratii indraznete noi trebuie SA LE RASPUNDEM EXACT LA FEL. Dementii religiosi s-au radicalizat de mult, e timpul ca noi necredinciosii sa facem la fel. Am putea chiar reusi sa IMBLANZIM religia, prin secularizare si promovarea unei interpretari selective, ne-ad-literam a textelor sacre, care ar elimina tot ce vine in contrazicere cu Stiinta si cu progresul social, cu conditia ca radacina obiectiva capitalista a religiei sa fie si ea eliminata.


Traiasca dragostea de ACEASTA lume, jos cu dictatura religiei!

Traiasca marxism-leninism-maoistmul, cea mai buna busola pentru a trai din plin ACEASTA viata, cea mai buna busola in lupta noastra pentru faurirea Raiului in ACEASTA lume!


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