Concrete steps Greece must take to secure a real independence and without which the victory won by the Greek people last Sunday would have been in vain. Pasi concreti pe care trebuie sa-i faca Grecia pentru a-si asigura o reala independenta nationala si fara de care rasunatoarea victorie obtinuta de poporul grec duminica trecuta vor fi fost in van.

The Greek people have dealt a devastating blow to the criminal dictate of great imperialist powers in the referendum which took place on July the 5th this year. No less than 61% of Greeks said a resounding NO to the criminal policy of austerity imposed by European and US bankers on the Greek people. These measures were imposed with one purpose only: that of enriching Western bankers at the expense of the working masses of weaker and poorer countries, countries like Greece. As it turned out, pressure from the oppressed masses of Greece forced the Tsipras Government to stage the referendum which dealt a resounding defeat to the dictate of great imperialist powers.

That was the will of the Greek people. Everbody saw it, everyone in Greece, in Europe and the world over has to take it into account. But the victory won on Sunday is by no means the end of the war. A battle has been won but not the war. No, not by a long shot. The REAL battles are yet to come. And they will be even fiercer than the previous one. For it’s not just the Western imperialists who threaten Greece’s independence but the Eastern imperialists as well, and I’m mainly talking about Russia and China now. The Western bloc is not the sole imperialist bloc on the face of this Planet. There are two competing imperialist blocs, of roughly equal strength, the Western Capitalist Empire, headed by America and Germany, and the Eastern Capitalist Empire, headed by Russia and China. What is to be expected from the Tsipras Government therefore is a line of REAL political, economic, military and ideologic independence from both blocs, the only line that can turn the victory won on Sunday in a long-lasting victory in the long-lasting war for securing a real independence for Greece.

So what concrete steps are to be demanded by the Greek people and working and progressive peoples from all over the world?

1. First and foremost, an IMMEDIATE EXIT, not just from the Euro zone, but from the EU AS WELL! The European Union is a capitalist empire, it’s the European component of the Western Capitalist Empire, it’s an imperialist BEHEMOTH that is absolutely INCOMPATIBLE with real national independence for weak and poor countries. Can anyone seriously imagine that a poor and weak country can be independent within a capitalist empire in which only the strongest power can dominate? Can someone in all seriousness expect that the big imperialist powers that dominate the EU, Germany, France and Britain, will ever allow a poor and weak country like Greece to achieve a real independence within THEIR empire? No, never. You are either a slave within the European Union OR an independent country OUTSIDE. There is really no other way. This, of course, means that NATO too must be exited by Greece.

2. Second- strict neutrality and non-allignment between ALL empires and imperialist blocs. We all know, of course, that the theory of non-allignment was utterly reactionary when Tito first came up with it in 1948, as Russia was SOCIALIST back then and between Capitalism and Socialism one CANNOT be neutral. You are either with Socialism or with Capitalism and Imperialism, that’s how it is. Things however have long changed and they have changed for the worse. Russia today is a CAPITALIST EMPIRE every bit as evil and bent on world-dominance as the EU or the United States and, moreover, one that is backed up by THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of nuclear weapons, which constitute the mose destructive thing on Planet Earth! And so is China. China too is a capitalist empire and together with Russia it is in charge of the Eastern Capitalist-Imperialist Bloc. So Greece must exit the EU WITHOUT ever joining the CIS, the Eurasian Union or the various „BRICS integration” schemes. That’s the only way to secure a long-lasting independence for Greece. Exiting the EU- as well as NATO-, is merely the FIRST step towards genuine independence but only staying STRICTLY NEUTRAL between NATO, the EU and the CIS and the Eurasian Union or any other „unions” like this will give Greece what it truly needs, namely a GENUINE, LONG-LASTING INDEPENDENCE!

3. But in order to have such genuine, long-lasting independence, all forms of borrowing from great imperialist powers must also be PROHIBITED. Loans from capitalist empires equal SLAVERY, and replacing some borrowing with another will mean REPLACING an imperialist slavery with another imperialist slavery. That’s how matters stand. Ok, perhaps Russia and China will not demand austerity in exchange for loans but they will demand something as bad as austerity, namely RESOURCES! We have all seen how bad Chinese resource-stealing can be in Africa or how bad Russian resource-stealing can be in Central Asia, Belarus or Armenia. Countries like Zambia, Tajikistan, Armenia and Belarus are among the poorest in the world and a fate like this can befall Greece just as much if borrowing from Russia and China- capitalist empires in their own right-, is what Tsipras aims for.

4. But will this mean that we, the Communist Party of Romania, stand for a complete international isolation of Greece? No, not by a long shot. Non-allignment is NOT AT ALL THE SAME as isolation! We have to lay plenty of stress on this- non-allignment is NOT the same as isolation! For besides the capitalist empires known as Germany, America, Britain, France, Russia or China there is also a much, much bigger world, the THIRD WORLD, the world of oppressed states, and it’s only these states that can be real friends and partners of an independent Greece. The world of oppressed states will never mistreat Greece. Only capitalist empires can mistreat Greece, not the Third World. It is in real friendship with the poor countries of Africa, with the poor and non-imperialist countries of Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, that the road of independence for Greece truly lies!


Death to NATO, the EU, the CIS, the Eurasian Empire and other capitalist empires like this! Long live a neutral, non-alligned and genuinely independent Greece!



La referendumul care a avut loc pe 5 iulie anul curent, poporul grec a dat o lovitura devastatoare dictatului criminal al marilor puteri imperialiste. Nu mai putin de 61% din greci au spus un rasunator NU politicii criminale de austeritate impuse de bancherii europeni si americani asupra poporului grec. Aceste masuri au fost impuse cu un singur scop: acela de imbogatire a bancherilor occidentali pe seama maselor muncitoare ale tarilor slabe si sarace, cum este Grecia de exemplu. S-a dovedit insa ca presiunea maselor oprimate ale Greciei a fortat guvernul Tsipras sa organizeze un referendum care a provocat dictatului marilor puteri imperialiste o lovitura devastatoare.

Aceasta a fost vointa poporului grec. Toata lumea a vazut-o, toata lumea in Grecia, Europa si intreaga lume trebuie sa tina seama de ea. Dar victoria obtinuta duminica nu constituie nici pe departe sfarsitul razboiului. A fost castigata o victorie dar nici pe departe nu a fost castigat si razboiul. ADEVARATELE batalii sunt cele care vor urma, si ele vor fi inca si mai aprige decat cea de pana acum. Pentru ca independenta Greciei nu e amenintata doar de imperialistii occidentali ci si de cei estici, si ma refer in principal la Rusia si China aici. Blocul occidental nu este singurul bloc imperialist de pe aceasta planeta. Exista doua blocuri imperialiste rivale, de forta aproximativ egala, Imperiul Capitalist de Apus, in frunte cu America si Germania, si Imperiul Capitalist de Rasarit, in frunte cu Rusia si China. Ceea ce se cere guvernului Tsipras este de aceea o linie de REALA independenta economica, politica, militara si ideologica fata de ambele blocuri, adica singura linie care poate transforma victoria obtinuta duminica intr-o victorie de durata in razboiul de lunga durata pentru a asigura Greciei o reala independenta.

Care sunt deci pasii concreti pe care trebuie sa-i ceara poporul grec si oamenii muncitori si progresisti din intreaga lume?

1. In primul si in primul rand, o IESIRE IMEDIATA nu numai din zona euro dar SI din UE! Uniunea Europeana este un imperiu capitalist, el constituie componenta europeana a Imperiului Capitalist de Apus, este un MONSTRU imperialist care este absolut INCOMPATIBIL cu adevarata independenta nationala a tarilor slabe si sarace. Isi poate in mod serios cineva imagina ca o tara slaba si saraca poate fi independenta in interiorul unui imperiu capitalist in care doar membrii cei mai puternici pot domina? Poate cineva la modul serios sa se astepte ca marile puteri imperialiste care domina UE, Germania, Franta, Marea Britanie, vor permite vreodata unei tari sarace si slabe precum Grecia sa se bucure de o independenta reala in interiorul imperiului LOR? Nu, niciodata. Poti fi ori sclav in UE ORI o tara independenta IN AFARA ei. Alta cale chiar nu exista. Desigur, asta inseamna ca Grecia trebuie sa iasa si din NATO.

2. In al doilea rand- o stricta neutralitate si nealiniere intre TOATE imperiile si blocurile imperialiste. Stim, desigur, ca teoria nealinierii a fost una total reactionara cand Tito a lansat-o pentru prima oara in 1948, caci Rusia era SOCIALISTA atunci, iar intre capitalism si socialism NU poti fi neutru! Poti fi ori cu socialismul ori cu capitalismul si imperialismul, asa stau lucrurile. Lucrurile s-au schimbat insa demult, si s-au schimbat in rau. Rusia e azi un IMPERIU CAPITALIST, in toate privintele la fel de malefic si dornic de dominatie mondiala ca si UE sau Statele Unite si care, in plus, se sustine si pe MII SI MII de arme nucleare, adica pe cele mai distrugatoare lucruri care exista pe Planeta Pamant. Si la fel e si China. China este si ea un imperiu capitalist si, impreuna cu Rusia, conduce Blocul Capitalist-imperialist de Rasarit. Asa ca Grecia trebuie sa iasa din UE FARA sa adere vreodata la CSI, la Uniunea Eurasiatica, sau la diverse manevre de „integrare a tarilor BRICS”. Aceasta este singura cale de a asigura Greciei o independenta de durata. Iesire din UE- ca si din NATO-, este doar PRIMUL pas catre independenta reala, dar numai mentinerea unei NEUTRALITATI STRICTE intre NATO si UE si CSI si Uniunea Eurasiatica sau alte „uniuni” de felul asta va da Greciei ce ii trebuie, adica o INDEPENDENTA REALA SI DE DURATA!

3. Dar pentru a obtine o astfel de independenta reala si de durata trebuie INTERZISE si toate formele de imprumut de la mari puteri imperialiste. Imprumuturile luate de la imperii capitaliste inseamna SCLAVIE iar inlocuirea unor imprumuturi cu altele inseamna INLOCUIREA unei sclavii imperialiste cu o alta sclavie imperialista. Iata cum stau lucrurile. Ok, e posibil ca Rusia si China sa nu ceara austeritate in schimbul imprumutului dar ele vor cere ceva la fel de rau ca austeritatea si anume RESURSE. Am vazut cu toti in Africa cat de rau poate fi furtul de resurse practicat de chinezi si am vazut in Asia Centrala, Armenia sau Belarus cat de rau poate fi furtul de resurse practicat de Rusia. Tari ca Zambia, Tadjikistanul, Armenia si Belarusul se numara printre cele mai sarace din lume, si o soarta ca a lor poate avea si Grecia la fel de mult daca imprumut din Rusia si China- imperii capitaliste si ele-, este ceea ce Tsipras vrea.

4. Dar sa insemne asta ca noi, Partidul Comunist din Romania, vrem izolarea internationala totala a Greciei? Nu, nici pe departe. Nealinierea NU ESTE DELOC ACELASI LUCRU ca izolarea! Pe acest lucru trebuie noi sa punem multa accentul- nealinierea NU este tot una cu izolarea! Pentru ca in afara de imperiile capitaliste german, american, britanic, francez, rus sau chinez, exista si o lume mult, mult mai mare, LUMEA A TREIA, lumea statelor asuprite, si numai aceste state poti fi adevarati prieteni si parteneri ai unei Grecii independente. Lumea statelor asuprite nu se va purta niciodata urat cu Grecia. Numai imperiile capitaliste se pot purta urat cu Grecia, nu si Lumea a Treia. Drumul independentei Greciei trece prin prietenie adevarata cu tarile sarace ale Africii, cu tarile sarace si ne-imperialiste ale Asiei, Americii Latine si Europei de Est!


Moarte NATO, UE, CSI-ului, Imperiului Eurasiatic si altor imperii capitaliste ca acestea! Traiasca Grecia neutra, nealiniata si total independenta!


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