On conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists abound. They are literally all over to be found. On the web, in bookshops, wherever there is something to be gained, they pop up all over.

Conspiracy theories, it so obviously seems, is already big business. Which, in turn, begs the question: how can something that is explicitly aimed at „the system” at the same time qualify as big business, operate like big business, getting some already very rich at the expense of others?

I mean, why is conspiracy theories even allowed? If they paint an image so bleak, they ought to be a big cause of concern to those who rule over society, and these guys should have a vested interest to ban conspiracy theories and jail the conspiracy theorists. After all, there is so much talk on banning Communism. In many countries, like Indonesia, Ukraine, Iran, this has already been achieved. In others, like Poland or Romania, it is about to be achieved. So why not ban conspiracy theories as well? Especially given the fact the influence of conspiracy theories is far more widespread than that of Communism. It reaches far deeper into society than Communism does. It moreover teaches people to lose their faith in a revolutionary overthrow of capitalism. It teaches people we’re so deep in the grip of all-mighty, all powerful, „bankers”, „Haarp weapons”, „illuminatis”, hell, even „reptilians”, that all resistance to the system taken as a whole is rather futile. Conspiracy theorists, by and large, are very skeptical of capitalism being overthrown. They are very skeptical of people being capable to overthrow capitalism from below. But they also often imply that capitalism, though can’t, hell, even shouldn’t, be overthrown, can be REFORMED by removing certain people in charge of it to replace them with others.

Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute now, haven’t we ALREADY heard that before? Haven’t we ALREADY heard that capitalism can’t and shouldn’t be overthrown? Haven’t we ALREADY heard that capitalism is actually not that bad, except SOME people in charge of it are bad, and by removing them the whole system can be made to work again? Haven’t we already heard that before? And where?

That’s right, you are not very far off. You are quite close to it, actually. We are talking about REFORMISTS, we are talking about none other than reformists of various stripes and hues.

Conspiracy theorism is a modern variety of BOURGEOIS REFORMISM.

Marxism teaches that capitalism IN ITS ENTIRETY is bad, that capitalism is inherently bad, inherently oppressive, and ought to be brought down by the masses. But conspiracy theorists, like reformists, teach that capitalism as a system is not that bad and by removing certain people in charge of it it can be once again made to work for the people. Capitalism oughtn’t be overthrown, it just has to be saved from itself. Pretty music to the ears of the exploiters, right?

Back in the 1930s it was about Jews. German capitalism was fundamentally sound, or so did the Nazis preach, but Jews undermined it. Krupp was a good sport, so they said, but evil Jews didn’t allow Krupp and guys like Krupp, who were all fair and square, didn’t allow them to serve the oh-so-great German people, or „volk”, as the Nazis called it

Today it’s no longer the Jews, because overt Nazism is pretty tarnished after having carried out the most massive string of genocides in History. But we still speak of Jews who ruin everything, even capitalism. They are nowadays the Illuminatis, or the „central bankers”, and they are mostly Jewish. All threads in conspiracy theories innevitably lead to a guy named Rotschild and a clan named Rotschild, who just „so happens” to be of Jewish descent. His henchmen also just happen to be of Jewish descent. Greenspan, Bernanke, Soros, Lagarde, all of them are Jews.

And Gentile magnates, Anglo-Saxon magnates, Chinese magnates, Arab magnates, Russian magnates, where are they, to be more precise? Well, nowhere to be found. Or, if they are to be found at all, they are to be found in the clutches of the Rotschilds, as mere helpless flies on a spider web, as innocent lambs crying out for help after being seized by their throat by ravenous wolves. Back in the 1930s it was Krupp who needed to be saved from the clutches of evil Jews in order to be able to proudly stand on his two legs and save German capitalists from alien beasts that were actually busy helping the enemy of capitalism, Communism, which also happened to be Jewish.

Nowadays, it’s Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who need to be saved from the clutches of evil Jews (like Rotschild) in order to be able to proudly stand on their two legs and save US capitalism from alien beasts that are actually busy helping the enemy of capitalism, Communism, nowadays dressed in Neo-Marxist attire, which also happens to be Jewish.

Back in the 1930s it was German capitalism that needed to be saved from the world Jewish conspiracy that also supported Communism. Nowadays it’s Russian and Chinese capitalism that need to be saved from a world Jewish conspiracy that is also hellbent on supporting Neo-Marxism, whatever we may mean by that terms.

One thing conspiracy theories with Jews and with the Rotschilds have in common is that they both involve, well, Jews, and another thing they have in common is they both involve something very unpleasant to ALL capitalism, namely social equality, multiculturalism, minority rights, no racial, ethnic or religious hatred that could divide the working class in the benefit of capitalists. So Equality is bad because it hurts the capitalists and helps the Jews and the Rotschilds. But who’s afraid of Equality in the end? The bad guys? And who do conspiracy theories intend to save from evil Jews? The bad guys?

See how conspiracy theorists stand things on their head? Capitalists become victims. The so-called real capitalists become victims of the so-called fake capitalists, who are not productive, who practice casino capitalism instead of productive capitalism, and who have a hand in supporting Communism, because by Neo-Marxists these conspiracy theorists actually mean Marxists, Communists, make no mistakes about it. The label may be Neo-Marxist in form, but it’s actually pretty thoroughly Marxist in content.

To a Marxist ear this ought to ring very hollow. This ought to ring a very loud signal of alarm, for something is very amiss here.

Conspiracy theorists are Anticommunist bastards who claim to attack the „system” but actually attack Communism, the only force capable of really standing up to the system, by very subtly, and cleverly, and sneakily creating diversion, diverting attention from the system itself to only pieces of it in order to better attack Communism, diverting attention from one group of exploiters to another group of smaller exploiters in order to better be able to attack Communism.

For the Rotschilds are nowadsys much, much smaller than others, than guys like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or the Chinese billionaires or the Russian billionaires. Undoubtedly they have grown smaller in proportion and influence they wield comparatively to where they once were. It is clear the Rotschilds never were absolute kings of the world economy. They were very big and powerful in their heyday but they were still kings among other kings. The real kings in Britain by the 1920s and 1930s truly were the Rotschilds but the reals kings in the United States back then were Ford and Rockefeller and the real king in Germany was Krupp. It was precisely because of the inter-imperialists rivalry between the german oligarchy led by Krupp and the British oligarchy led by Rotschild that a theory was devised by Krupp’s paid loudspeakers to divert German workers’ anger from Krupp to the Jews, as well as to turn German workers against their Jewish brothers and sisters, thereby preventing workers’ unity against capitalism and propping up Krupp’s rule by shielding him from the threat of Communist Revolution. It wasn’t for nothing that Nazis put Communists in jail (irrespective of their ethnic origin) even before doing the same thing with Jews.

And now the real kings in the United States, as well as the broader Western world, are undoubtedly Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, as well as the Walton family, owners of the Wall Mart, who vie for world dominance with the Russian and Chinese billionaires. Same play as 80 years ago but with different actors. Except nowadays the Rotschilds are no longer even partial kings of the world. They no longer vie for world dominance with anyone. With a fortune of about 3 billion US dollars, the head of the Rotschild family no longer has a fraction of the power his predecessor once had. Even at the height of their power the Rotschilds only ruled over Britain and France. Nowadays their former empire has shrunk to maybe Switzerland, where they still own a big bank. But that’s pretty much all they’ve got now. And nor is Rotschild’s henchman Bernanke owner of the Federal Reserve, America’s central bank, for that matter, as Bernanke is only a CEO, not a shareholder, and it’s always the shareholders who are the real owners of banks and corporation. The Fed’s biggest shareholder actually being a Saudi prince.

Why has it come to this? Why has the balance of power between Rotschild and non-Rotschild Gentiles flipped?

Well, not because of some bigger conspiracies involved, certainly not, but because of a basic law of capitalism Lenin called uneven development. It is because of uneven development that Gates and Buffet and the Waltons grew faster than what the Rotschilds could keep pace with. Capitalism means competition and who gets to overtake who is a matter of who is better at maximizing profit at the expense of workers and, for bigger players, at the expense of the Third World. It wasn’t because Gates and Buffet „conspired better” that they were able to overtake Rotschild, but because, at some point, they got better at maximizing profit at the expense of workers and the Third World, partly because they had better access to vast resources, partly because they behaved more predatorily towards both their slaves and their rivals. Conspiracies can’t explain why some capitalist robbers rise faster than other capitalist robbers and get to overtake them, but the law of uneven development does.

However, big robber means big villain and bigger robbers make even bigger villains. Some conspiracy of sorts IS involved, but not in the usual direction conspiracies point. Conspiracy theorists like to paint things as if only one family can rule through the ages, through being very good at conspiring. This is why they are called conspiracy theories, because they point to alleged conspiracies and especially because they make the claim that through conspiracies alone you can bend the laws of actual social and economic development, that in turn determine the laws of political development, the claim that you can insulate yourself from these laws and deny them power and scope. Conspiracy theories aren’t wrong because conspiracies don’t at all happen. Matter of fact, they DO happen, and they happen quite often. Rather, conspiracy theories are wrong because they imply or say outright that through conspiracies you can insulate yourself from the actual laws of social development. Conspiracy theories are wrong because they place conspiracy skills above objective laws. That’s what makes them all wrong. Conspiracies do happen, hence Gates’ and Buffet’s truly amazing skill at diverting attention from their own selves to the Rotschilds. But the reason Gates and Buffet got bigger than Rotschild in the first place is a mere artifact of them being more adept at making use of the objective law of uneven development. Objective laws trump conspiracy skills. It is not the skill at the conspiring that trumps objective laws, it is the objective laws that trump the skill at conspiring, so that a big robber truly becomes good at conspiring only AFTER he has amassed more fortune in his hands to be able to buy off many more loudspeakers and gullible people than other big robbers do.

So conspiracy theories are an ally of both capitalism as a whole and of certain capitalists, who are bigger than others not because my conspiracy theory is better than yours, but because the objective laws of capitalist exploitation and uneven development suggest ALL capitalism is inherently oppressive and, hence, incapable, utterly incapable of reforming itself, on one hand, and some capitalists always rise faster than others, and are able to buy up more public relations operatives, capable of diverting public attention from them to some others, smaller robbers, preferably to those who are now, due to uneven development, only a shadow of their former success, on the other hand.

Conspiracy theories are an ally of capitalism as a whole, which would have us believe it can reform itself by getting rid of those who give it a bad name, and they are an ally of very big newcomers, who are keen on diverting attention from themselves to some other capitalist robbers, an ally of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or the Waltons, who want to divert attention from themselves to the Rotschilds, an ally of the Russian and Chinese imperialist oligarchies who want people to believe their nonsense about them being good and sound, mere lambs who have been mistreated by the Evil West and now deserve to conquer land and markets and resources and slaves to „make up” for this monumental injustice others wreaked on them, just as the German imperialist oligarchy of 80 years ago would have had the world believe they had been mistreated by Britain and France and thus deserved to conquer land and markets and resources and slaves to „make up” for this monumental injustice Britain and France had inflicted on them.

Conspiracy theorists are people who misinform under the guise of „free access to information”, who support the system by claiming to do otherwise.


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