All imperialists out of Syria!

Using the chemical attack allegedly carried out by Assad’s regime in Idlib as a pretext, US imperialism has launched a massive missile strike on Syria, killing many people, among them children, according to Syrian state media. This opens the door for an all out war of aggression by US imperialism against Syria, a war which, given Assad’s close cooperation with Russian imperialism, can act as a trigger for something much more sinister, namely an inter-imperialist world war which, in the era of nuclear weapons, can only be nuclear.

We, of course, deplore the chemical weapons attack in Idlib, an attack which left 86 people of all ages dead. But at the same time we point the finger at the utter hypocrisy shown by US imperialism, president Trump in particular, in regard to this question. We don’t know who carried out the Idlib attack. Our Party considers it is too early to give a definite answer to that. It could have been Assad but it could have been the rebels themselves. But EVEN if it was Assad, who gives the US imperialists the moral right to act as modern day crusaders? Is US imperialism in any position to point the finger at Assad? Does US imperialism posses a moral high ground to point the finger at others? Let us do some little recap, Ok?

You speak of barbaric crimes against civilians, US imperialists. But who killed 3 million civilians in Vietnam? Who killed 1.5 million civilians in Korea, 1 million civilians in Laos, 1 million civilians in Iraq? Was it maybe the people you fought? Or was it yourselves, your own damn selves?

It was yourselves, it was your own damn selves! It was none other than US imperialists who killed 3 million innocent (yes, INNOCENT is the word) civilians in Vietnam, 1.5 million innocent civilians in Korea, 1 million civilians in Laos, 1 million civilians in Iraq.

You speak of using weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons in this case. But who used weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons in that case, against Japan in 1945? Was it maybe the people you fought? Or was it yourselves, your own damn selves? Who used weapons of mass destruction, CHEMICAL weapons in that case, against Vietnam? Ever heard of Agent Orange? Who deployed Agent Orange on Vietnamese civilians 5 decades ago, was it maybe the people you fought or was it yourselves, your own damn selves?

Histoy shows without a single shade of doubt it was yourselves, NONE OTHER THAN YOURSELVES, your own damn selves! President Trump, you Trump murderer-in-chief, you rant about Assad „killing babies, small babies, beautiful babies”, but what about the more than 500 000 babies, small babies, beautiful babies who starved to death in Iraq as a result of US-imposed sanctions in the 1990s? See how hypocritical, how filthy hypocritical you are?

Assad kills 86 civilians, of which 27 were children, Bush the First and Clinton kill 1 million civilians, of which 500 000 were children, in Iraq in the 1990s. No contest here! Assad kills maybe tens of thousands of Syrian civilians, US imperialism kills MILLIONS of Korean, Vietnamese, Laotian, Afghan, Serbian and Iraq civilians. No contest here my friends!

US imperialism has NO MORAL HIGH GROUND WHATSOEVER TO LECTURE OTHERS ON HUMAN RIGHTS! It has no moral high ground whatsoever to launch a war of aggression against Syria! Why do they want to go to war for? Oil, the name of the game is OIL, oil that Assad is about to turn over to Russian corporations and which US corporations covet.

True, Syria is not an independent country, except in name only. True, Assad is but a puppet of Russian imperialism, Russian imperialism which itself killed scores of Syrian civilians in Alep, after laying waste for so many years on Chechnyia, Dagestan, Georgia, Ukraine. But we certainly wouldn’t want to have scores of Syrian civilians killed in the name of replacing Russian imperialist yoke with US imperialist yoke. Marxism is NOT about replacing some imperialist rule with another, that is not what Marxism has always been about.

Unlike many so-proclaimed „Leftist” groups we do not support Russian intervention in Syria and we do not hail Assad as a hero. A hero he is certainly not. But neither do we support an US military intervention in Syria, which has EXACTLY the same aim as the Russian intervention thus far: OIL, big Syrian oil. We oppose all imperialists, we oppose Syrians getting killed for the same of some imperialist rule taking the place of another imperialist rule. And we certainly oppose Syria becoming a trigger for an inter-imperialist nuclear war. The first inter-imperialist world war killed 10 million people, the second inter-imperialist world war killed 70 million people, a third could kill maybe up to 1 billion people and lead to a global, gradual breakdown of modern civilization and descent into the Stone Ages. Mister Trump, mister Putin, Syria is NOT your playing ground, Syria is NOT to become the trigger for a Nuclear Holocaust! Get your filthy asses out of Syria right now! We demand an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of ALL imperialist forces from Syria, we demand an immediate and unconditional end to ALL war threats against Syria! We call for peace conference that all parties in the Syrian conflict (minus ISIS and Al Nusra) must immediately attend to reach a POWER-SHARING agreement, which would end the 6 years running war and also grant Kurds an independent state that they more than deserve.

All imperialists bastards out of Syria, a power-sharing agreement in Syria right now!


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