Condemn the slaughter in Myanmar! Expose the Buddhist fascists before the whole world!

Amid cries of „Muslim terrorism” and rallies „against the Islamization of Europe”, a horrific genocide AGAINST Muslims is unfolding in Myanmar. The „respectable public opinion”, goaded to a large extent by CIA loudspeakers who pose as „respectable intellectuals” and „respectable journalists”, is buying into this mass hysteria about a „Muslim menace”, yet in Myanmar IT IS THE MUSLIMS who find themselves at the receiving end of mass murder. The face of Genocide in the year 2017 is largely an Islamophobic one.

What we’re seeing in Myanmar is indeed nothing short of a GENOCIDE. Massive displacement of innocent civilians. NEARLY 400 00 Muslims have been forcibly driven into Bangladesh since unrest in the Rakhine state, home to the Rohingya Muslim minority, began on August 25. The burning of villages and towns. The burning of mosques. Sacred books to 1.7 billion people consigned to the fire. Mass rape of Rohingya Muslim women. Horrific massacres such as that in Tula Toli, perpetrated by Myanmar soldiers, in which teenagers and adults were shot while toddlers and babies („innocent babies, beautiful babies”, as Trump has been wont to say on such occasions as suit his interest) were thrown into water to drown.

What has so far been the answer of the „world leaders”, of „towering intellectuals”, of the darlings of Western media? Mostly silence.

Nobel Peace Prize laureat and head of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been known to be outspoken against human right abuses, has for this time fallen silent. The voice of Justice has fallen silent precisely when Justice needed her the most. It is under her watch that the ethnic cleansing continues unabated. Such are the facts regarding Her Excellency Aung San Suu Kyi.

Leader of the free world Trump has once again resorted to his cheap and reactionary tactics of equating Good and Evil, Justice and Injustice, in blaming „both sides” for the bloodshed. When victims need protection blame is what they get. Pathetic, so pathetic.

Certainly, we don’t advocate US mega-imperialists „going after the bad guys” by launching a bombing campaign or unleashing sanctions against what constitutes, after all, a poor Third World country. Many times imperialists interventions have been shown to be even worse than human rights abuses in Third World countries. That such intervention do immensely more harm than good to the very cause they pretend to uphold ought by now to be regarded as an axiom. But how about opening US borders to poor, desperate, Muslim Rohingya civilians? Wait a minute, this is Trump, the Number One Xenophobic Islamophobe on the block we’re talking about! No genuine help from the leader of the Nazi world is to be expected here!

What about „Middle East’s only democracy”? Well, Israel’s response has been the exact OPPOSITE of what honest people would expect. Israel has for years been one of Myanmar’s LEADING SUPPLIER OF WEAPONS! It is Israel, among others, who has armed the Myanmar fascists to the teeth. Ever since general Min Aung Hlaing’s visit to Israel in september 2015 the Israel-Myanmar military ties have grown stronger and stronger. Israeli military companies, such as TAR Ideal Concepts, have been involved in heavy training of Myanmar’s special forces. The Zionist entity has gone so far as to sell tanks to the bloodthirsty Burmese butchers. Such were the facts before the genocide started, but what about after that? Well, the unholy friendship CONTINUED and it CONTINUES TO THIS DAY.

And what about the darling of phoney Communists all over the world, Dengist China? Well, Chinese imperialism is coveting Myanmar and has been doing so for quite a while. Ever since Aung San Suu Kyi took over China has become worried that it might lose its grip on Myanmar, in favour of its arch-rival, the US imperialism. So the Chinese response to the crisis was quite predictable. It was to the side of the genocidal maniacs that China was quick to rush, when it publicly said it „welcomed” Myanmar’s efforts to „counterattack against extremists”.

The „bold and the beautiful”, „the good and the great”, „the strong and the wise” have abandoned the Rohingya Muslims. It is up to us, Communists, the vanguard of the world’s oppressed, to step in and raise the banner of solidarity, of decency, of Humanity. It is up to us, Communists, to spread the word about Islamophobic atrocities in Myanmar, it is up to us, Communists, to expose the ugly face of Buddhist fascism before the whole world. It is up to us to demand THAT ROHINGYA REFUGEES, INSTEAD OF BEING HERDED INTO POOR AND OVERCROWDED BANGLADESH, BE WELCOMED TO OTHER COUNTRIES AS WELL, PRIMARILY TO PROSPEROUS COUNTRIES IN EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA.


Buddhist fascists, beware, you will one day be held to account!

Nazi fascists out, refugees are welcome here!


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